relocating senior communityIt is important for you and your elderly loved one to realize that they are in control of this decision-making process.  Seniors who plan in advance are able to make sound, although hard, decisions regarding their things.  With a little forethought and help from family, friends, and a senior move manager, seniors are able to downsize with dignity…and can even be happy while doing so!

When Seniors Relocate

Older adults who relocate often do so as a result of life changes such as retirement, the loss of a spouse or health changes.  Although older adults prefer to age in place and stay in their current home and neighborhood, this may not be an option for everyone.

Factors that influence the decision to relocate include:

  • Distance from family and friends
  • Access to amenities such as recreation, health care, shopping and leisure services
  • Familiarity with the region or environment
  • Need for assistance with daily activities
  • Desire for fewer home maintenance responsibilities

Three Types of Moves

There are usually three types of moves that occur for older adults.  Each can be greatly affected by the individual’s health and mobility.

  • The first type of move tends to occur primarily among persons who are healthy and have adequate retirement incomes.  The motivation for the move may be to leave the negative features of the former residence, as well as to be close to the attractive  features of the new residence, such as better climate, facilities, and services.  Friendships with adults who have already moved, or the opportunity to be closer to family may be other motivators.
  • The second move is usually at a time when adults have a chronic disability that creates difficulty in carrying out everyday tasks, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of finances.  The move usually involves an increasing need for regular support, yet a desire to continue living independently.
  • The third type of move occurs as a result of a severe illness or disability that requires more care than can be provided in the home by family members or home care services.  This move is usually to a skilled nursing facility.

Whatever the type of move it is, a senior move manager can help to ease the stress for you and your loved ones.